Still No Word on Sal & Carmine's DOH-Mandated Closing

20100413-sal-and-carmine-doh.jpgFrom Slice'r/SE'r Simon [thanks, Simon!], who sends us this photo from the Sal & Carmine's DOHing:

So I finally made it down this morning. The sticker (posted to the Slice Facebook fan page) has no specifics on it other than the protestations of some disapproving patrons ["John does not like this!" "Brody, too!" "Caitlin, too!" "Noooooooo!"].

Carmine and the youngsters were inside, in their civvies. Couldn't tell what they were up to. I knocked on the door, and Carmine nodded at me but made no move to come open the door, so I nodded and waved, and walked on. I'll try stopping by again later today, maybe I'll have better luck then.

We're still trying to get in touch with the place, too. More info when we do. In the meantime, see the full version of the DOH notice, after the jump.


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The latest restaurant inspection information on Sal & Carmine's posted to the DOH website is from February 19, 2010. The pizzeria received a 29, which is one point over the "Pass" line and into "Requires Compliance Inspection" territory.

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