Video: Domino's Stalks People Who Haven't Tried Its New Recipe

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You've gotta hand it to Domino's. The pizza chain is approaching Burger King levels when it comes to viral marketing stunts. First they did the video where they said they listened to customers and changed the recipe. In this video they've concocted elaborate personalized ad campaigns for three men—"pizza holdouts"—who still hadn't tried the new pizza. Domino's created custom billboards and radio spots and went as far as flashing messages to one of the men on traffic warning signs and sending up an airplane banner for another. Heck, they even went Dirty Harry Dead Pool on 'em with a "hidden camera" on a remote-controlled car. Video, after the jump.

Domino's Stalks New Recipe 'Holdouts'

Further stalking: Scott Shoyer really is a chef. He's executive chef at Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse in Austin, Texas. And he runs a horror website: Anything Horror.

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