Pizza Girl: Making My First Pizza

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Every week, Pizza Girl (Diary of a Pizza Girl) stops by with insights and a behind-the-scenes look into the world of pizza-delivery drivers. Today, Pizza Girl takes a day off from delivery tales and gets her fingers in the flour at home. Think of it as PG's My Pie Monday but two days early. Take it away, Pizza Girl! —The Mgmt.


A slice of our pizza. [All photographs: Addie Broyles]

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to make my own pizza for the very first time. Addie Broyles, a food blogger for Austin360, asked to photograph my fridge (my fridge right now contains four beersthree beers, two jars of jelly, and a leftover slice of pizza) for one of her weekly segments; I suggested that we make pizza instead, since she's a local food expert. She did an awesome write-up of the experience on her blog Relish Austin, which you should definitely check out.


The ingredients.

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I knew that I wanted to make pizza using local ingredients because they would be the freshest and because I wanted to visit one of the area farmers markets (another first for me). The farmers market was much more laid back than I expected and it was great to have Addie there to provide some guidance on what we would need. For the basics we picked up locally grown and milled flour, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, broccoli, some chartreuse colored peppers (I don't know what the formal name is), and red onions. When we got home we also picked some basil out of her garden.

The initial plan was to lay sliced tomatoes on top of the crust directly (no sauce), but after I mangled the tomatoes slicing them we decided to make a sauce. I know most of you know this (I didn't!), but sauce is super easy to make. I think the trick that I've been missing is the olive oil that she dolloped (drizzled?) in before the tomatoes.


The finished pizza.

Despite only being so-so as far as pizzas go, I'm incredibly proud of this pizza. The crust was too dense (probably due to us not letting the dough rise for long enough) and too salty, but the grainy texture of the wheat flour worked really well with the broccoli flavor. The best part was the fresh mozzarella and the broccoli. I'd never had broccoli on a pizza before, but it acquired a nice flavor when cooked in the cheese.

I can't wait to make more pizza and improve my skills.