Astoria: Rosario's Deli Serves a Killer Slice



Ladies and gents, you are looking at the best regular slice around the Astoria-Ditmars N/W stop. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, since A) it's in the back of Rosario's Italian market, where proprietor Rosario DiMarco has ready access to high-quality ingredients and B) a number of Slice'rs recommended it in this post.


The crust, dusted with a bit of cornmeal, is crisp and chewy; the sauce a concentrated hit of savory tomato flavor (Mr. DiMarco cooks it down from a blend of tomatoes); and the cheese is a creamy fresh mozzarella that the store makes in-house.

My only complaint is that Rosario's sells by-the-slice only.

"I've got a small oven," Mr. DiMarco says. "Maybe someday I'll get a bigger oven and be able to do take-out, but for now it's just too hectic in here to do whole pies to go."

When asked how long he's been doing pizza in the back of the store, Mr. DiMarco gives vague answers, "A few years." And how long have you been in business, sir? "A long time."

With slices this good, though, I don't care how long he's been at it or the history — I only hope Mr. DiMarco and crew will be slinging killer slices for "a long time" to come.

Rosario's Deli, Astoria

2255 31st Street, Astoria NY 11105 (near Ditmars; map) 718-728-2920; Yelp; Jeffrey Tastes; The Foodista; Chowhound

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