My Pie Monday: Dhorst's Broccoli and Tomato Grilled Pizza

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Dhorst's Broccoli and Tomato Grilled Pizza

Ah ha! I was wondering how long it would be after posting the grilled pizza how-to that we'd start seeing some GP My Pie Mondays. Certified PIzza Obsessive® dhorst submits the first of what I hope will be many!

For lunch today I made a grilled broccoli and tomato pizza. I made sure to do the all-important mise en place before I headed outside:


The broccoli tossed in olive oil hit the grill first. I stretched the dough, oiled it and threw it on a 600°F grill and closed the lid.


I flipped it after 2 minutes but probably should have turned it instead and left it on 30 seconds more for more even color. Then I brushed the top with a bit more olive oil, rubbed a clove of garlic over it and topped with Parm, fresh mozzarella, grilled broccoli, tomatoes, crushed red pepper, and salt and pepper. I moved it to indirect heat, closed the top and two minutes later this is what I got. It was really tasty—the crust had a nice crispy chew to it, and the broccoli and tomatoes popped after a sprinkle of fresh oregano from the garden.


A certain someone loved it just as much as me.

Thanks, Diana! And, once again, Miss Ellie benefits from your pizza obsession. Um, do the humans in your household ever get a piece of the action?!?

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