Pizzarazzi: Quick Snaps from Olio e Più


The Margherita. [Photographs: Adam Kuban]

Italian pizza-maker Giulio Adriani, having been here in the U.S. only three months, opened his pizzeria, Olio e Più two days ago. I grabbed lunch there and snapped these photos yesterday. Enjoy.


The pizzeria replaces Go Sushi. If you're familiar with Go Sushi, the transformation is remarkable.


The Vesuvio is a white pie made with smoked mozzarella, grilled pumpkin, and speck.

Grub Street talked with Adriani. From its post today:

Italian pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani quietly opened his first U.S. pizzeria yesterday, just a few blocks from Keste. As far as he's concerned, it's his only competition in the realm of Neapolitan pizza. "All the rest is nothing," he says. "Motorino is not a Neapolitan pizza. It's very close, but for example he puts garlic in the pizza with mozzarella. For our style, this is really absurd." Other no-nos: loading the sauce with superfluous ingredients (Adriani uses only San Marzano tomatoes and salt — no herbs), doing the same with the dough (no sugar or milk here — just salt, water, yeast, and flour), and overcooking the pie (Adriani's Acunto brick oven, imported from Napoli, has a low ceiling so it can cook pies in about a minute, at temperatures of about 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit). "There is nothing special," Adriani says of his pizza. "But it's so authentic that it's special."

Olio Pizza e Più

3 Greenwich Avenue, New York NY 10011 (near Christopher Street; map)