Inside a Domino's Pizza Dough Factory

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OK. The visit to Domino's HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that I mentioned Sunday. It was the company's first "Blogger Day," in which they flew bloggers out to tour the company mothership, aka the Domino's World Resource Center, along with a tour of a "supply chain center," a facility and warehouse that supplies area Domino's with dough and nontopping incidentals—sauces, napkins, cleaning supplies, etc.

It was interesting to visit and listen to the execs talk their game — if only to hear how the company wants to present itself and to get an idea of the corporate culture there. But perhaps the most interesting part of the whole thing was seeing the dough-making factory. Regardless of how you feel about Domino's and its pizza (and, yes, Slice'rs, I know how you feel about it), it's fascinating to see something like pizza dough made on such a large scale. You can peep the slideshow above and/or check out the vids here.