Daily Slice: Solo Pizza, Alphabet City, NYC

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[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman]

Perhaps you're at the Summit Bar on Avenue C, at Manitoba's, or the Ace Bar on 5th Street. Or maybe you're stumbling home from somewhere else, wandering hungry near Avenue B and 3rd Street, and you need a slice. Solo Pizza has your back.

The regular slice is super crispy (though the end crust is on the floury side for my taste) and the cheese is creamy, quite rich and gooey. There's not much sauce, so a Solo slice is a bit like that cheesy bread I remember from neighborhood restaurants growing up in the suburbs. It's junk food, for sure, but it gets junkier: Solo offers slices piled with every possible meat, a "lasagne" pizza, and even a Mexican slice topped with a mountain of olives, jalapenos, salsa, chicken, and cheddar cheese.


The Sicilian (made "upside-down", like this Philly slice) is more sauce-heavy, with decent cooked tomato flavor, and the crust is tasty if slightly dense. There's some crunch on the bottom, which I appreciated. The slice I had didn't seem to have much mozzarella under the sauce, but there was a ton of salty Romano cheese showered on top.

Next time? I'm trying the Hot Buffalo Chicken deep dish topped with blue cheese.

Solo Pizza

27 Avenue B, New York NY 10009 (map) 212-420-7656; solopizzanyc.com