My Pie Monday: Microscopes, Broiler Issues, and More

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Oh, boy. A ton of great My Pie Monday submissions this week and lots of great inspiration from the likes of ESNY1077, hmw0029 (an unconventional MPM but super awesome; see above!), Pizzablogger, Pizzasnob, Marisa R., Kevin B., dhorst, Dave Martin, climbhighak, and James S.

Strange theme this week: A couple people had broiler issues but still managed to turn out some good-lookin' pies. (Hope you've all gotten that worked out.) I had no trouble with my own broiler but took some heat from the wife (aka "Girl Slice") for not having improved from last week's Pizza Night. Ai yah. Having seen these MPMs week after week, I can say that this is an issue the rest of you don't seem to wrestle with; your pizzas keep looking better and better!

Check out the slideshow and see if it introduces you to your brand new favorite pizza!

Share your pizza! If you want to get in on the My Pie Monday action, simply email a picture of your 1 best pizza of the week, along with relevant info (about 100 words or so) to [email protected]