Pizza Snacks: Pizza-Flavored Pringles


[Photographs: Maggie Hoffman]

The image on this Pizza-Flavored Pringles can cracks me up. See these chips? Scooped up straight from a pizza! Using a spatula!

(Though the back of the can does clarify that these chips are artificially flavored; so don't worry, no pizzas were harmed in the making of these snacks.)

Each chip is dusted with a red flavoring powder, but if you bite into the whole chip, the hints of tomato and pepperoni are overpowered by the inherent potato flavor. Nothing wrong with that if you're a Pringles fan (and I am). We happily munched away on them but generally agreed that they only faintly reminded us of a pepperoni slice.

But if you're looking for more pizza flavor from these chips, there's one solution. Lick each one. (See illustration, after the jump.) Then you'll get more salty, pizza-y goodness, with hints of oregano and meat.

Of course, that's a little weird.


[Illustration: Robyn Lee]