Unicode 6.0 Includes New Pizza Slice Character


You may know Nick Sherman from his blog Pizza Rules! but by day he works in the typography industry. It's no surprise that he would be the one to discover the new pizza slice character in Unicode 6.0, the Unicode Consortium's latest update of computer symbols. I'll quote Nick for the layman's explanation:

Earlier this month, the Unicode Consortium published version 6.0.0 of their Unicode Standard - a computing standard that deals with character encoding and representation. I won't get too far in to it, but the basic idea of Unicode is to enable people around the world to use computers in any language.

The release of Unicode 6.0 adds 2,088 characters, with over 1,000 new symbols, including the new Indian rupee symbol, and - most relevant to the topic of pizza - a set of symbols for use in text messaging...

Nick's got more musings in his blog post on what this could mean for the pizza-eating, computer-usin', text-message nerds out there.