Daily Slice: Rocco's Pizza Joint, Chelsea

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[Photograph: Christopher Stephens]

Rocco's Pizza Joint is located in the heart of Chelsea, a neighborhood that has changed considerably over the last two decades. Rocco's does not appear to have felt the need to change with the times, which is not altogether a bad thing. If you're not in the mood for fancy pies at Donatella's or Co.; if you're with small children, and they need something to eat right now, Rocco's will do just fine.


How is the slice? The crust is thin and a little crisp, but not crunchy. The cornicione was not raised much, and a little dry. The cheese was stretchy without being stringy, pulling away some without leaving a trail of mozzarella threads. The sauce had a pronounced tomato taste, tangy, and not too sweet. For $2.50, this is a perfectly adequate slice, nothing to get excited about, but nothing to regret, either.

Rocco's Pizza Joint

162 Seventh Avenue, New York NY 10011 (map) 212-633-9555; roccospizzajoint.com