The Pieman's Craft: Making Neapolitan Pizza Dough with Kesté's Roberto Caporuscio

The Pieman's Craft

Learn techniques and secrets from slice slingers.

In this episode of The Pieman's Craft, we visit Roberto Caporuscio of Kesté Pizzeria & Vino in New York City as he makes a batch of dough for the restaurant's celebrated Neapolitan pizza. Caporuscio takes us from flour-water-salt to dough* to finished pizza.

In the video, you'll see three trays of dough. The orbs of dough you'll see in the right-hand tray are newly balled, at the 24-hour mark; those in the middle tray have risen for 4 hours after balling (28 hours after mixing); and those in the left-hand tray are approaching the 40-hour mark and, says Caporuscio, need to be used soon or they'll be unworkable.

Enjoy the video, which was shot and edited by Serious Eats video intern extraordinaire Jessica Leibowitz.

* An overnight room-temperature rise, for those of you who ask.

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