Blogwatch: 'Heavy Table' on Pizzeria Lola, Minneapolis


From top: Pizzeria Lola's Le Panyol copper-covered oven; Lola's "Hawaii Pie-O," with pineapple and Berkshire bacon. [Photographs: oven, Becca Dilley; pizza, Aaron Landry]

If you follow pizza geekery in general or pizza in the Twin Cities specifically, you may know Aaron Landry, the Slice Sage of Minneapolis–Saint Paul. When this guy talks pizza, I listen. He pinged me about Pizzeria Lola saying, "I've been three times and it's quite solid. An out-of-the-blue fantastic add to the Minneapolis pizza scene."

He then pointed me to this piece on Heavy Table, a fantastic food-blog resource for the Upper Midwest:

Here's one subjective breakdown of bad versus good versus great crust: After you eat a slice of pizza, bad crust gets discarded, tossed aside like chicken bones. Good crust gets finished. Great crust is eagerly anticipated, a reward even after you've polished off the deliciously cheesy and saucy bits of any given piece of pizza. Pizzeria Lola has great crust.

Though only open for a few weeks, Heavy Table editor James Norton says, Lola is one of the area's top three pizzerias.

Pizzeria Lola

5557 Xerxes Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55410 (at West 56th Street; map) 612-424-8338;