San Francisco's Flour + Water One of '10 Best New Restaurants in the U.S.'


[Photograph: David Kover]

San Francisco, your pizza scene is on fire. Says GQ food critic (and noted pizza obsessive) Alan Richman:

Flour + Water is sneakily sophisticated, with remarkable ingredients and stunning layers of flavor that don't stray from easy-to-eat. San Francisco produces the most fascinating pizza toppings on earth, and these are among the best: bone marrow, Fontina cheese, broccoli-rabe leaves, and fresh horseradish on one; tomato, spiced pork, olives, caciocavallo cheese, and salmoriglio--an Italian condiment, green and tangy--on another. Chef Thomas McNaughton says his secret is "to think of pizza as a dish."

As you'll recall, in 2009 Mr. Richman dropped a tour de force of pizza journalism, ranking his top 25 pizzas in the nation.

As you'll also recall, our own David Kover was quite smitten with Flour + Water »