The Year That Was: Slice Pizza Poll Standings for 2010



At one point more than a year ago, Slice'r famdoc suggested we do a weekly poll. We really started this feature in earnest in 2010, with a pizza-related question for you each Monday (minus a few weeks we missed).

Some polls were great and revealed more than we thought they would (like the charring one, which was like a group therapy session). And some polls ... well ... all I can say that in coming up with a new topic week after week there are bound to be some stupid ones here and there.*

Gathered here are most of this year's polls, with their current standings. Please note that many of these had 3 or more options, so "winning" percentages may not be 51% or higher.

Also note that if you feel strongly about any of these, the polls are always open, so go vote if you want to sway the outcome.

How We Stood on the Issues

What's Your Favorite Pizza Style? » New York thin crust, at 34%

Do You Prefer Fresh Mozzarella or Regular Mozzarella on Your Pizza? » Fresh, 48%

The Best Way to Eat Pizza — Flat, Folded, Knife/Fork? » All of the above, 38%

Leftover Pizza: Cold or Reheated? » Tied (Go break it! »)

Many more where these came from, after the jump!


[Photographs: Nick Solares]

Sauce: Precooked or Uncooked? » Uncooked, 52% (a close one!)

What Do You Drink with Pizza? » Beer, 37%

Do You Like White Pies? » Yes! (60%)


A spectrum of crust doneness. [Photographs: Adam Kuban]

Do You Like 'Charred' Pizza? » Yes, 70%

Do You Eat and/or Dip Your Pizza Crusts? » Nekkid and plain, 51%

Do You Make Pizza at Home? » Yes, 89% (Such a high rate of DIY-ism is what makes My Pie Monday so fun!)

Is It Pizza If It Doesn't Have Cheese? » Yes, 59%

How Far Have You Traveled for Pizza? » 50 to 100 miles (80 to 160 kilometers), 22%

What Do You Season Your Slice With? » Some combo of all the above (red pepper flakes, garlic salt, Parmesan, oregano, salt, black pepper), 33%. But Crushed Red Pepper Flakes alone come in at 30%

Do You Order Sides with Your Pizza? » No, I stick with the main event, 48%

Chicken Pizza: Way or No Way? » Way, 68%

Dessert Pizza: Way or No Way? » Way, 41% (but it's close — "No Way" at 38%)


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Pineapple Pizza: Way or No Way? » Way, 55%

Best Frozen Pizza? » This one was more a survey than a poll; click through to read the Comments »

Your Sweetheart Doesn't Like Pizza: Dealbreaker? » No ... Love is thicker than sauce, 42% (Aww, most of us can overlook even the greatest of flaws)

Ever Made Grilled Pizza? » I've grilled it and eaten it, 70%

How Do You Reheat Your Leftover Slices? » "I don't! Have you never savored the joys of cold pizza?" 26%

When Did Your Love Affair with Pizza Begin? » During childhood, 62% (Though 15% answered, improbably, "In the womb")

Do You Eat Pizza-Flavored Snacks? » "No: My favorite pizza-flavored snack IS PIZZA!" 61%

Do You Stop Eating Pizza When It's Hot Outside? » (Nice problem to have at this time of year, no?) No, pizza über alles! 88%

Do You Order Half-and-Half Pizzas? » "Yes, it's the only way I can get anyone to agree on what we order," 42%


Do You Blot the Grease from Your Piece? » No. Grease, for lack of a better word, is good, 54%

Do Garlic and Mozzarella Belong Together on a Pizza? » "Yes, bring it on," 95%

How Do You Store Your Leftover Pizza? » Individual slices wrapped in foil, 32%

How Long Have You Gone Without Eating Pizza? » A month, 56% (I'm disappointed. I expected more from you, Slice'rs! ;)

Do You Salt Your Pizza? » No, 60%

Fresh Mushrooms or Canned? » Fresh, 79%

Have You Ever Worked in a Pizzeria? » Yes, 50%

Do You Order Pizza While Watching Football? » "I don't watch football," 31%. (But "No, I go crazy and make my gameday food from scratch," is right behind at 30%)

Shredded or Sliced Mozzarella? » Shredded/grated, 41%

How Many Toppings Do You Put on Your Pizza? » 3 at most, 35%

Crisp Pizza Cheese? » "Yes. It makes for a nice textural contrast," 67%


[Photograph: Carey Jones]

Square Pizza: Corner, Edge, or Middle Slice? » Corner, 49%

Eggs on Pizza: Way or No Way? » Way, 71%

Are You a Pizza Purist? » "No, I'm pie-curious," 56%

Sausage: Slices, Chunks, Pellets, or Kibble? » Chunks, 47%


[Photograph: Nick Solares]

Deep Dish: "Pizza" or "Casserole"? » "Pizza!" 65%

How Often Do You Order Deep Dish? » "I'm a 100% thin-crust kinda eater," 48%

Have You Ever Taken a Pizza Class? » "No, I'm a self-made pizzamaker," 42%

Even Bad Pizza Is Good Pizza? » No, 52% (but this one is close, too)

How Often Do You Eat Frozen Pizza? » Once in a blue moon, 32%

* If you thought some of these polls were a bit upidstay, please feel free to suggest topics for 2011. After more than a year of these things, I have to admit my well is running a bit dry. Remember that ideal topics should be in the form of a question that has 2 or more discrete answers — that is, "Pepperoni: Way or No Way?" is better than, say, "What's Your Favorite Pizzeria?" which is more an open(ish) thread and has way more possible answers than the 10 our polling system is limited to. Suggestions can be made in the comments below, or email them to [email protected].