Tonight on 'Nightline': Pizza as Recession Food

Tonight on ABC's Nightline, a segment on pizza as recession food. The news program's John Berman talks to various pizzamakers (Dom DeMarco, Jim Lahey, and the director of operations for 99ยข Fresh Pizza among them) on how the crap economy has affected them. After the jump, some quotes from the piece. Nightline airs at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC; the segment will appear tonight (12/8/2010) barring any breaking news.

John Berman: So you've opened new locations?

Brian Harley, Director of Operations 99 cent Fresh Pizza: "Yes, we've opened up 5 locaitons in the past year and a half.

John Berman: So, the 99 cent pizza business is booming?

Brian Harley: Absolutely.

John Berman: Does it taste cheaper?

Brian Harley: I, um, well, I wouldn't say this is high-quality pizza. but it's not bad pizza, either. I mean, you get your buck's worth.

John Berman: How has pizza helped you pull out of the recession?

Frank Guidara, President/CEO Uno's Chicago Grill: Pizza in everybody's mind is affordable. So, as a restaurant, a full-service restaurant, a casual-dining restaurant, a lot of people come to us because they know we have pizza and they can afford pizza โ€” no matter what the economy is.

John Berman: You think most of the pizza business is concerned about what?

Jim Lahey, owner and master baker, Company: Money. Ninety-nine percent of the pizza industry. Money, money, money! It's the most ubiquitous form or genre of food. It's the most globally recognized. That and bread are the most globally recognized food genres yet.... They're the dumbest. Because of the democratization of it, it brings the standard down.

John Berman: You think most pizza is dumb.

Jim Lahey: I think most pizza is inedible.

John Berman: Have you noticed any changes the last few years โ€” the economy suffered.

Dominick DeMarco, owner Di Fara Pizza: No! No! Never feel it.

John Berman: Never feel it at all? You know, there's a big recession out there.

Dominick DeMarco: I don't feel it.

John Berman: Not at all?

Dominick DeMarco: Not at all.