A Couple of Our Favorite Pizza Madmen Make a Pilgrimage to Naples


Friends of Slice Jason Feirman (left) and Scott Wiener (right) visit a water buffalo farm and buffalo mozzarella production facility on their journey through Naples. [Photographs: Jason Feirman]

If you've followed Slice for any length of time, you've met Jason Feirman and Scott Wiener. Jason runs I Dream of Pizza, and Scott runs Scott's New York Pizza Tours. These two friends of Slice went on a spectacular-looking pilgrimage to Naples recently, visiting all the storied pizzerias and some cool pizza-related spots like a water buffalo farm and cheesemaking facility.

Jason's got his recaps here: http://www.idreamofpizza.com/search/label/naples/ Go check 'em out. They're phenomenal.

I'm eagerly awaiting Scott's recap. C'mon, man! Post already!