Daily Slice: Andouille Sausage Pizza at NYC's Two Boots

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[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Two Boots is a bit of a New York institution. I think it's fair to say it's as well-known in the city as the various Ray's. The two boots, as many a Gothamite knows, refer to the shapes of both Italy and Louisiana, the geographic regions the pizzeria draws inspiration from.

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Two Boots' pizza. The crust is always a little too thick, not quite crisp enough. But as a foundation for some over-the-top toppings, it's good enough. And the toppings seem to be the point at Two Boots, with several creatively named special pizzas sporting unique combinations — like the Bayou Beast (barbecue shrimp, crawfish, andouille, jalapeños) and the Dude (tasso, ground beef, cheddar).

We were a little more restrained in our ordering for the pizza you see above, going with just andouille sausage on a small pie ($9.95). An appropriate choice, don't you think? As it turns out, andouille is a pretty damn fine pizza topping. Smoky, spicy, and sliced moderately thick, it turned Two Boots's biggest weakness — that too-thick crust — into a strength. On a thinner pizza it might be too much; here, it works.

Two Boots

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