Daily Slice: Carminuccio's, Newtown, Connecticut

Daily Slice

A different slice profiled each day.


[Photographs: Amy Kundrat]

Carminuccio's in Newtown, Connecticut is a bit off the beaten path, but since 1997, this no-frills local favorite has been slinging pies that Gourmet magazine once called one of "America's top 10 pizzas."

The thin snappy crust is more like a thick-shelled flatbread, with occasional brittle bubbles pockmarking each pie. Slicked with oil, these thin yet sturdy crusts are flavorful enough to enjoy on a plain cheese pie and especially useful when met with a pile of vegetables.


The gas-powered ovens produce an impressive char on the end crust. There's a decent amount of grease and a heavy-handed approach to toppings. My vegetable pie was loaded with veggies, including some rather unfortunate canned mushrooms. A slightly herby sauce and a dusting of aged cheese rounds out the pie.


Slices start at $2.50, whole pies range from $8.50 for a small plain cheese to $28.50 for a large shrimp pizza, with countless sizes and combinations in between.

Carminuccio's Pizza

76 South Main Street (Route 25), Newtown CT 06874 (map) 203-364-1133