Norwalk, Connecticut: Savor Offers a Healthy Spin on Pizza


[Photographs: Amy Kundrat]


430 Main Avenue, Norwalk CT (map); 203-939-1666;

Price: Fifteen options from $6.99 to $21.99

Notes: Vegan/vegetarian friendly; closed Sundays

Rex and Val Bobi, the husband-and-wife team behind Savor in Norwalk, Connecticut, are serious about making pizza healthier and accessible for those with dietary restrictions. The fridge is stocked with coconut water, the dough is available in a gluten-free version, and those who can't eat dairy have some choices. For those with allergies or vegan lifestyles, this isn't pizza blasphemy; it's an oasis of comfort food that they can actually enjoy.

For the rest of us, it feels like the pizza equivalent of a juice fast.

Of the 15 different pizzas that are available, the Sausalito best exploits the variety of organic produce. Topped with portobello mushrooms, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, goat cheese, and light mozzarella, this pizza is anchored by a fairly mild basil pesto sauce and a sturdy yet thin whole wheat crust. This crust is studded with flax seeds; the density makes it more akin to a cracker than a crust. It carries the hefty toppings with aplomb, though.


At Savor, you can choose between five crust options including wheat-free rice, corn, spelt, corn wheat or whole wheat. Each ball of dough is pressed in a Dough Pro press and pre-baked in one of the Baker's Pride ovens.


This isn't pizza as much as a Canyon Ranch snack, and the vegetables are largely unfettered rather than doused in oil or caked in cheese. Regular pizza seems a bit flabby and out of shape after a Savor slice.

But maybe that's what we want pizza to be.