Westport, Connecticut: Skinny Pines Wood-Fired Pizza Truck


[Photographs: Amy Kundrat]

Skinny Pines Wood Fired Pizza Truck

Westport Farmers Market (winter location)
203-727-8177; skinnypines.com
The Skinny: One-size-fits-all wood-fired pies. The Bianca is a standout.
Price:$9 to $10 per pie

Each Thursday at the Westport Winter Farmers' Market, the first thing you'll notice is not the plethora of local produce, but the wood-fired oven attached to a green Dodge pick-up truck. The pleasant smell and warmth emanating from Jeff Borofsky's Skinny Pines Pizza Truck makes it challenging to walk into the market without getting hungry for pizza.

The Fire Within traveling pizza oven mounted on an open trailer has been a weekly fixture at both winter and summer markets for the past year. Skinny Pines aims to keep its pies as local as possible, buying all its produce and many of their key ingredients from farms in Connecticut and New York. In fact, Borofsky and his truck are headquartered in Easton, just less than five miles from Sport Hill Farm, where they are regular customers.


Skinny Pines dough is made from hard red winter wheat, a 100% whole wheat grain milled to 00, sourced from Wild Hive Farm and Bakery in Clinton Corners, New York. The dough itself is treated to a 12-hour cold fermentation before it's left to rise for its weekly market appearance. This whole wheat dough is used on each and every Skinny Pines pie. The combination of finely ground 00 whole wheat flour and the wood-fired oven creates a light and airy crust, with just a hint of pleasant nuttiness.

Borofsky's toppings change seasonally, with plain cheese, pepperoni, and the Bianca as mainstays and additional weekly offerings shifting based on that week's bounty. The Bianca pie is a knockout—a white pizza with a 50/50 blend of mozzarella and provolone (the cheese are Grande imports), Sport Hill Farm rosemary, oil-cured Taggiasca olives and extra virgin olive oil. It is an elegant preparation of simply layered flavors that allows each of the ingredients to be appreciated.


The red sauce pies use a blend of Jersey Farms Crushed Tomatoes and Stanislaus whole plum tomatoes that are hand-crushed, a combination that Borofksy claims is the best consistency for spreading across the dough.

Skinny Pines is a moveable feast on a mission. Dedicated to using local and seasonal ingredients as well as 100% recyclable pizza boxes, Jeff Borofsky's pies reflect the local landscape. You can find him each week at the Westport Farmer's Markets throughout the year as well as catering events in and around Fairfield County.