The Farthest I Have Ever Traveled for Pizza

<!-- DO NOT CHECK OFF 'FOR INDEX' BOXES! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HIDDEN -->This is a secret appendix post to the Pizza Obsessives interview with Slice founder Adam Kuban.


[Photographs: Adam Lindsley. Delancey window photograph: Gastronomy]

So here's something crazy I have never mentioned on Slice and maybe this counts .... On that Rachael Ray trip, the magazine paid for a crazy-ass plane trip from NYC to PDX to SEA to SFO to LAX to PHX to MCI (that's Kansas City).

Instead of going straight home to NYC, though, I decided to have my "return" flight drop me in KC so I could visit my family. The magazine's travel agent was amenable to this. What did she care if my last leg stopped in NYC or KC? As long as I paid my own way back from KC to NYC, that was cool with her.

Anyway, here's the deal, though: I didn't go home to NYC.

You see, I effed things up earlier in my itinerary and didn't realize that my day-and-a-half in Seattle would occur on Delancey's days off. GAAAAAAARRRRGGH!

So instead of going straight back to NYC from Kansas City, I used some of my own frequent-flyer miles to go from MCI to SEA again just to eat at Delancey — and from there back to NYC. So I think that counts, right? I'd heard great things about the place and knew I needed to check it out for the bracket to be legit.

But then, guess what? When I got home and downloaded my pics off my camera, I somehow lost a big portion of Delancey pics in a hard drive crash. Which is why I've never done my own review of the place — I have no pics to go with it. But ... amazing pizza nonetheless.