Daily Slice: Sausage Slice from Wolf Street Pizza, Philadelphia

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[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

Sausage pizza in Philadelphia can be a total crapshoot. You never know if your pie is going to be topped with the most delicious knobs of homemade Italian sausage from a neighborhood butcher shop, or something more like burnt, dried out Jimmy Dean breakfast patties that were cooked a week ago.

At first glance this sausage pie from Wolf Street Pizza in South Philadelphia looked like another disappointment. The pellets reminded me of the generic "pork topping" I used to pile onto pies working the "line" at Pizza Hut in high school. But surprisingly enough, these nuggets packed some awesome flavor; they were juicy and full of fennel.


The crust is your standard South Philly medium-thin fold over slice, with a nice less-sweet-than-most sauce and plenty of cheese, and surprisingly non-greasy and fresh tasting for an oozing, messy heavily topped pizza. The large pies are a massive 18" and super reasonable at $9.20 for plain, plus a buck or so for toppings.

Wolf Street Pizza

2135 Wolf Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145 (map) (215) 271-0080; wolfstreetpizza.com