Daily Slice: LaRocco's, Los Angeles

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[Photographs: Kelly Bone]

A perfect NYC slice, by it's very definition, can only be found in NYC. But that elusive trifecta of crust, sauce, and cheese is something we all continually seek —even here in Los Angeles. Paul LaRocca brought his NYC pedigree and grandmother's recipes to the West Coast and opened LaRocco's Pizzeria. Is this truly a slice a Manhattan? Of course not. But if you crave a pie with a thin crust, top notch sauce and just enough cheese, this slice will do the trick.


This NY-style slice (with a $3.00 LA price tag) comes topped with aged mozzarella and an herb-laced tomato sauce. The only problem I've run into with the slices at LaRocco's are the droopy tips. Apart from that, the salted, pale crust has a satisfying crackle, best detected by giving the slice a NY-style fold.

LaRocco's Pizzeria

3819 Main St Culver City, CA 90232 (map) (310) 837-8345; laroccospizzeria.com