The Eight Best Pizzas In Chicago

In the pizza empire of the Midwest, sausage is king and there is no such thing as too much cheese. But the Chicago pizza pedigree extends beyond saucy deep-dish pies and pork toppings. Chicago's pastry-like thin crust pies and double-crust stuffed pizzas are equal regional classics in the Windy City. In addition to the city's saucy, crusty, and extra cheesy specialties, there are, of course, the Neapolitan contenders that no self-respecting modern pizza kingdom could be without.

In a city this passionate about pizza, the debates will always continue. In compiling our list, we had to consider history, style, the old school favorites, and the newcomers. So while this list may not settle any old debates, in fact, it will most certainly insight new ones, it is guaranteed to have pies that even the casserole camp will love.

Click through the slideshow above for photos of each one (or just click a link below to jump straight to an individual slide).

The Winners

  1. Pequod's Extra Sauce, Extra Cheese Pie
  2. Spacca Napoli's Diavola
  3. Burt's Place Extra Sauce, Extra Cheese
  4. Dough Boys Stuffed Pizza
  5. Pat's Thin Crust with Sausage
  6. Great Lakes Heirloom Tomato
  7. Lou Malnati's Malnati Chicago Classic
  8. The Art of Pizza's Stuffed Spinach Pie