Daily Slice: The 'China Town' at Pizza 8 in Flushing's New World Mall

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[Photographs: Adam Kuban]

I know I might catch flak for this from some purists out there, but sometimes fusion pizza can be good. I mean, it was just last year that I sort of came around to the idea of barbecue sauce on a pizza. And I've even experimented with an Asian fusion pizza of my own. So how bad could a Chinese-inspired pizza be?

The "China Town" slice at Pizza 8 in Flushing's New World Mall food court is topped with Cantonese roasted pork, Taiwanese sausage, fried onion, green pepper, basil, and mozzarella. None of those things on their own are horrible. And in fact, some of them (the cha siu and the Taiwanese sausage) are AWESOME.


But this slice is a bit of a stretch. It's overwhelmingly sweet, and way too salty. The cheese is rubbery, plasticky, and didn't melt well at all.

I've got to give them a hand for trying this fusion. And I still think it's possible to ace some sort of Chinese slice or pie—Pizza 8 just isn't there.


I've also got to give them a hand for the pizzeria name. I like that it's Pizza 8. At first I was just like, Of course it's Pizza 8 because pizza has eight slices. Duh. But then I remembered the significance of the number 8 among the Chinese. The word for eight sounds similar to the word for prosper.

This mystical mingling of pizzadom's lucky number* and Chinese numerology only bodes well. At some point, someone will crack the code and make a great Chinizza.

* Well, lucky according only to me. I've long practiced a pizza-based numerology around Slice in which 8 holds great significance. For instance, go to the front page of Slice and count the number of posts that are displayed. Eight is woven into the very fabric of this site!

Pizza 8

4021 Main Street, Flushing NY 11354 (near Roosevelt; map) In the food court, downstairs below street level; number8pizza.com