Poll: Ranch Dressing on Pizza - Way or No Way?


Amherst College kids LOVE Antonio's Chicken Ranch. It's a bestseller! [Photograph: Meredith Smith]

It started off innocently enough, a little dressing drenched leaf of lettuce making its way onto a slice on a shared plate. Then hey, why not dip the crust in it?. Before you know it ranch dressing topped pies started elbowing their way into specialty slice shops. But now ranch has gained such a strong foothold in the topping department that it's made its way onto the chain menus*, usually serving as an accompaniment to chicken. It has taken whole areas of the country by storm (I'm looking at you Texas ... and Michigan). So, Slice people, what's your position on ranch dressing edging its way into the topping/saucing class?

*Please note that on this menu chicken ranch is attributed to one of the states least likely to endorse dressing on pizza, in this editor's opinion.

Ranch Dressing on Pizza: Way or No Way?