Congress Says Pizza Is a Vegetable


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There's been some chatter on the internets that Congress has classified pizza as a vegetable. Well, sort of.

Currently, tomato paste (in the amount of 2 tablespoons or more) is classified as a "vegetable" as far as school lunches go. The USDA earlier this year proposed new standards that would have upped the minimum amount of tomato paste considered a vegetable to a half-cup — too much to put on a slice of pizza, effectively removing pizza from school menus.

But Congress,* under pressure from lobbyists, released a spending bill Monday that would protect the status quo on tomato paste's vegetable status, thereby leaving pizza untouched.

It's a rare day when anyone on Slice would argue for less pizza-eating, but have you seen kids these days?

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* Whose approval rating stands at an 11% average as of this date.