Video: Ask Paulie, The Fourth


[Video: Jessica Leibowitz]

For the past three weeks, the owner of Paulie Gee's in Greenpoint has answered your questions on everything from his pizza heroes to his knack for the artful schmooze. We've laughed, we've cried, and we've run back to Paulie Gee's for more of his insight, always delivered with a thoughtfully furrowed brow (and another Hellboy, please!).

We're proud to say he's come a long way from throwing pizza parties in his New Jersey backyard. We love this quote from Adam's post back in 2009:

"Another dream of Paulie Gee's is to eventually be mentioned in the same breath as such pizza heavyweights as Chris Bianco and Anthony Mangieri. Let's see what we can do about that."

Today's episode features Paulie waxing poetic about his early food memories, why he craves ginger ale with pasta, and some more motivation for all those future pizza restauranteurs out there.

Without further ado, the fourth and final week of 'Ask Paulie'.

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