Pizza Pilgrims Outfit Piaggio Ape with Pizza Oven: BRILLIANT!

Peep the slideshow above for more pics. [Photos courtesy of The Pizza Pilgrims]

This cool little mobile pizza wagon is almost the polar opposite of the Del Popolo truck we showed you last week.

The Pizza Pilgrims are Thom and James Elliot, a couple of brothers from the UK who flew to the tip of Italy, picked up a Piaggio Ape (it's pronounced ah-peh, Italian for "bee"), and drove it back to London. On route, they stopped at various pizza destinations in Italy, from pizzerias to an olive farm, where they boosted their knowledge of the dish they would make back home.

In London, they outfitted the Ape with a wood-fired oven—no small feat, since the Ape is really small and the oven is really heavy. The Pilgrims were kind enough to send along some photos of the finished oven in action. Peep the slideshow above.

Says Thom: "The oven is both wood and gas fired—but as we are working in central London we have only used the gas version at the moment. It works really well—we have managed to get the oven up to 500 degrees Celsius and the feedback on the pizza has been awesome. What is more—the van still actually drives properly (if slowly)!"

The video above outlines their itinerary, and if you visit their YouTube channel, you can follow their journey from the Boot to the Big Smoke.

The Pizza Pilgrims sell their pizza at the Berwick Street Market. You can follow them on Twitter for updates: @pizzapilgrims.