Eight Styles to Add to Your Pizza Lexicon

At Slice we ever endeavor to keep expanding our knowledge about all things pizza. As such, our Regional Pizza Style Index is always growing as we learn about new regional varieties around the globe. The time has come to add some updates to our style guide!

When you get into the taxonomy of pizza, some styles are so closely related to one another that the lines can start to get blurred. Different regions can call what is essentially the same pizza by different names, and that can even extend to the names and labels that pizza makers apply to their pies. So we approach the style guide with the attitude that these styles are elastic by nature. Think of this list as tool to help navigate your way through the saucy, cheesy crusts of the world.

We'll continue to fine tune the existing styles, as well as add new ones down the line. Hopefully these styles will be a good jumping off point for discussing and sussing out what distinguishes the many styles of pizza form one another. Drop some thoughts or styles we need to include in the next update in the comments section.

Pizza Styles Index

  1. Philadelphia Tomato Pie »
  2. French Bread Pizza »
  3. Montanara »
  4. Pizza Bianca »
  5. Roman Pizza al Taglio »
  6. Sfincione »
  7. Pizza di Sfrigole »
  8. Schiacciata »

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