Poll: Fried Pizza, Way or No Way?


Pizza vox populi.

Montanara ($7)

The montanara at La Montanara. [Photograph: Sam Bowman]

Here on Slice we've been following the fried pizza phenomenon taking hold in New York with great interest. And why not?! Pizza fritta is delicious; thin and crisp on the outside, light and airy on the inside. We've looked into the southern Italian roots of the montanara, and then tried it at Forcella in Brooklyn, Don Antonio in midtown, and La Montanara on the Lower East Side. And then we learned how to make it by watching master pizzaiolo Antonio Startita, we followed along step-by-step with Giulio Adriani, and we even developed a method for making it at home. You could call it an obsession. Now it's time to get your read on this style...