Video: Caleb Schiff Interview


Caleb Schiff documented his transition from pizza enthusiast to owner and operator of Pizzicletta in the Slice series, Building a Pizzeria. In the series, we got to follow along as Caleb transformed his dream into a reality, and in doing so, demonstrated the passion, dedication, and hard work that goes into such an endeavor. It's always great to get updates from Caleb, and this week we have a very well done short film by a local college student, with Caleb as its focus. There are some great shots of pizza making and the space, but the best part is getting to see Caleb speak about his approach with regard to simplicity, the inertia that fuels and sustains his business, and the balance that keeps his restaurant true to his vision.

PIZZICLETTA from Austen Lavery on Vimeo.

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