My Pie Monday: Eggs Benedict, Pizza Bruschetta, Heirloom Tomatoes, and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

We're eleven pies deep this fine My Pie Monday. Scott D's wood-fired Margherita looks like it captures the essence of a summertime pie with that bright tomato sauce and vibrant basil. Npinto and JEL worked their summer heirlooms into the equation with halved cherry tomatoes on top. With summer finally hitting Portland, Spicedham moved his pizza operation from the skillet to the grill using the Jim Lahey no-knead dough recipe. Amusebouche1 works with the same dough, but tops his up with brussel sprouts, feta, potatoes, and sausage. This week's colleciton also sees more great combos coming out of the Aleppo camp, including a 'RosaAleppo' from Imwalkin, and a crimini mushroom, marinated mozzarella, and Aleppo topped soaker pizza from Jimmyg. Dmcavanagh's pie sports a "secret dipping sauce" from Dhorst, Norma gets a nice frico edge around her Greek pizza, and TXCraig1 includes an anchovy, olive, and chili topped marinara pie he just can't get enough of. We also have a first time submission from Bjorn74 who sends an eggs benedict pie he's working on for the farmer's market. Great looking pies all around! Keep 'em coming.

It's easy to get your pie included in next week's slideshow. Just take one picutre of a pie you made recently, describe your cooking method (in 80 words or less), and follow these instructions to get it to us by 8pm (EST) Thursday. Be sure to let us know your Slice screen name.

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