My Pie Monday: Wagyu Beef Bacon, Hot Dog Stuffed Crust, and Much More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

This is an I'll-have-one-of-everything week on My Pie Monday! There are some seriously delicious looking pies here. TXCraig1 takes another page from the dhorst book of pizza making and goes for the brandied plumped cherries this week, pairing them with hot fennel sausage no less (be still my beating heart)! And Jimmyg's found a new must have ingredient with Wagyu beef bacon. Atmast mentions she's looking for topping inspiration, but her crumb shot is sure to inspire others in the dough department. She and Billgraney both incorporate Manchego this week. Speaking of cheeses, Norma works five into her Sicilian and achieves that irresistible Frico flavor where the cheese oozes down the sides of the pan. And in case you haven't already caught wind of her pal Ev's WFO mounted Airstream trailer, you can catch a glimpse of the kind of pies it produces here (WOW!). It looks like smoked pepperoni continue to gains momentum. And based on f r y's pie, maybe hotdog stuffed crust pizza should too. Now that looks like a legit stuffed crust. Dmcavanagh's grilling adventures took him into char territory, but you wouldn't know from looking at his pie. Bierebeer makes a potato topped pizza that even spud naysayers would think twice about, and there's a sweet berry pie finish courtesy of amusebouche1.

If you're making pizza this week, send us a shot for next week's My Pie Monday!

Just take one snapshot of your homemade pizza, describe your cooking method (briefly!), and follow these instructions to get it to Slice HQ by 8pm EST on Thursday night. Be sure to let us know your Slice/Serious Eats screen name!