Chris Bianco's Pizza Cookbook


The Rosa from Pizzeria Bianco[Photograph: Lance Roberts]

While it is known that Chris Bianco has a cookbook in the works, details have been scarce beyond the publisher and the fall 2013 release date. However, an article from yesterday's Phoenix NewTimes reveals Gary Nabhan as the co-author of the forthcoming cookbook. Naban was a founder of Native Seeds/SEARCH (a seed bank located in Arizona), and is an award-winning author and heavyweight in the local food movement and sustainability efforts. In addition to assisting Bianco in translating his pizza knowledge to the page, Nabhan's expertise in desert cultivation and agro-biodiversity will serve to provide insight into the indigenous ingredients that Bianco will discuss in relation to the art of pizza-making.

The cookbook won't be "a gospel," he quickly adds, explaining that much of it will be based on his own experiences in pizza-making as well as insights gleaned from artisans and farmers.

Well, even if Bianco says it won't be a gospel, I'm sure it will serve as a pizza bible to many.

[Via Phoenix New Times]