Pizza Hut's New Malaysian Aphrodisiac


[Images via YouTube: PizzaMyHut]

Whoa. The Malaysian Super Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut is one pizza to behold. And if the suggestive power of advertising has any sway over the pizza eating clientele of the East, then lots of Malaysian ladies may just find themselves betrothed.

The gist of this thing is that the garlic Napoli sauce (what is that anyway?) and cheese stuffed crust will ooze with each bite. Ew. This just looks like a disaster. Here's a closer look at the crust part...


Now, watch this video:

Apparently you have to eat the thing sideways. And watch that you don't scald yourself in front of your date when cheese and sauce eject out of the crust in a leaky mess. Hot!

[Via The Consumerist]

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