Flora 'Flo' Consiglio of Sally's Apizza Dies

The Matriarch

Flora "Flo" Consiglio doing some bookkeeping at Sally's Apizza, 2010. [Photo: Adam Kuban]

Flora "Flo" Consiglio, the matriarch of the Sally's Apizza family in New Haven, Connecticut, died on Monday. Her family confirmed her death Monday evening. The New Haven Independent recounts her life and work as does the New Haven Register.

Flo was married to Salvatore "Sally" Consiglio, who preceded her in death at the age of 73 in 1989.

Order Up

Mrs. Consiglio would hold down the fort at the booth closest to the register, where all the night's orders would go through her. As the night wore on, she would tally the receipts by hand and banter with customers.

She also served as quality control for the pizzeria. According to former state legislator and proprietor of CT Capitol Report Tom Dudchik, there was always "an original Consiglio watching the pies go out. Flo checked. If they were burnt, they wouldn't go out."

Our condolences go out to Mrs. Consiglio's family, friends, and fans. This is a huge loss for New Haven and the pizza community at large. [via Tom Dudchik/CT Capitol Report]

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