A Pizza My Mind: On Matzah Pizza

Editor's note: In honor of National Pizza Month (aka October), the Serious Eats editors, staff, and Slice writers will top off our regular content with their deepest thoughts on all things cheesy, saucy, and crusty.


[Photograph: jasonperlow on Flickr]

It's been said before, by others far more qualified than I, but here it is again: pizza is my favorite food. I take any and every excuse to eat a slice, from the logical (out-of-town guests!) to the satisfactory (cheaper than a sandwich!) to the just plain debatable (easy to eat while driving!). But no excuse is necessary for true Slice'rs, and that's a beautiful thing.

However, sometimes grabbing a slice is out of the question. Which brings me to today's topic: the weeklong Atkins-friendly debacle commonly referred to as Passover. What's a pizza-lover to do?

Some of you might know what I'm talking about... if I can't have a doughy slice, at least I can have Matzah Pizza! Never heard of it? It's basically the Passover version of a Neapolitan pie. And just like many slices, it's good at any temperature. Try it out for yourself!

How To Make Matzah Pizza:

Grab a sheet of matzah, spread with jarred tomato sauce, sprinkle with shredded cheese. Toast. Eat. (Repeat?)

What are some of your craziest rationalizations or workarounds for eating pizza? And have you ever eaten matzah pizza?