Daily Slice: Al Pastor Pizza from Rosario's, Philadelphia

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[Photographs: Hawk Krall ]

One of the best things about living and eating in South Philly is not only having terrific hoagies and pizza every 2 blocks, but also delicious Mexican food from the new taquerias that seem to open up every 2 weeks. Even more amazing is watching the two meld at combination taqueria-pizzeria-cheesesteak shops cranking out wild things like cheesesteak burritos and this Al Pastor pizza topped with guajillo pepper sauce, ground pork, pineapple, cheese and handfuls of fresh onion and chopped cilantro.

You might remember similar slices from San Lucas from about a year ago, and since then a lot of these "pizza taquerias" have opened up, with mixed results. It's hard to find spots that do both the pizza and the taco ingredients right, but Rosario's is pretty close. The pizza wasn't perfect— a bit of a thick crust, that could have used another minute in the oven to keep the slices from disintegrating, but the toppings were fresh and delicious and the flavors just worked.

Rosario's Pizza

1501 Wharton Street, Philadelphia, PA (map) 215-755-4555 ; rosariospizzeriarestaurant.com/