Pizza Is...


napkins and grease

The slap of the dough on the table
More than the words on a label
Tomato sauce, cheese
Napkins and grease
A whole pie or more if you're able

the crackle of wood in the oven

The crackle of wood in the oven
Worth all the pushin' and shovin
A peel and a stone
A craft you must hone
A subject of awe and of lovin'

the fiery glow

Hydration, percentages, yeast
A snack or a meal or a feast
To stay or to go
The fiery glow
Of the fuel in a coal-burning beast

Stefano Ferrara

San Marzanos from ol' Italy
Stefano Ferrara
A great marinara
Soppressata and pepperoni

the last piece that's left on the tray

Di Fara, Bianco, and Ray's
The last piece that's left on the tray
Who's gonna take it?
Me! I just ate it!
(It was going to waste anyway!)


The question of how much to order
Bloggers with notes and recorders
Tense topping debates
Best divided by eight
An obsession that crosses all borders.