Ten Favorite Los Angeles Pizzas

[Photographs: Kelly Bone unless otherwise noted]

For two people who love pizza, Kelly Bone and I (Lance Roberts) have a surprising lack of overlap. You can blame it on her frustrating vegetarianism— or my cruel, planet destroying meat-eating—but I think it goes deeper. We just have different taste buds. And though you aren't going to hear a peep from either of us about what the top two shops in Los Angeles are, the rest of our picks for best in the city are strictly "he said, she said." Perhaps this slideshow can stand as beacon, showing us all that there is no best pizzas...only favorite ones.

[Kelly's note: And yet my favorites are somehow the best. How odd.]

[Lance's note: You just lost your mind, my picks are so obviously the best. They're freaking bulletproof.]

[Kelly's second note: You just contradicted everything you wrote in the introduction.]

[Lance's second note: Yeah, but...just click the button for the slideshow.]