Double Sensation from Singapore Pizza Hut Wins for Most Insane Pizza

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Elves not included. [Image: Pizza Hut Singapore]

Not one to be outdone by Pizza Middle East with their Crown Crust or Cone Crust, Pizza Hut Singapore is making the Double Sensation their December sweetheart. The Double Sensation isn't just some gimmicky design of an outer crust. Oh no, it's all that and much much more. I'm talking not one, but two crusts. If you're thinking stuffed pizza, you're thinking much too conventionally. This is a pizza inside a pizza (not to be confused with this). As in an inner pizza, crust and all, contained within an outer belt of pizza. Mind-bending, right? So that's the Double part. And now take that and Sensation-alize it! The outer ring is triple cheese stuffed with cheddar, Parmesan, and mozzarella, while the inner ring is filled with chicken sausage and cheese. Pepper alfredo sauce blankets the inner pie, which is then topped with smoked chicken and zucchini. Salsa (!) tops ring two, as does turkey ham, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Top it off with a cherry on top. For real. Look. There is a cherry on top.

Seriously hope to get some Singapore intel on this for Slice soon. Stay tuned...

[Via: Eater and Brand Eating]