Pizza Hut Perfume Is Real


[Photograph: Pizza Hut Press Release]

The Canadian Pizza Hut division has created an eau de perfume just in time for the holidays. More like ewwww de perfume. I know your gut reaction is a skeptical "noooo, really?!" And the answer is yes, REALLY. Of course this is a very limited edition product and you're not likely to turn your favorite lady into a scentillating [sic] cloud of "dough and spice." (That's how the higher ups are describing this signature perfume. Maybe they should tag it 'Beauty and the Yeast'.)

This all came about, in typical chain fashion, when the Pizza Hut canucks wanted to have a little fun with a social media marketing boost. According to it happened like this:

It all started in August, when the social media management team at Yum Brands' ad agency in Canada, Grip Limited, posted on the chain'sFacebook page about a hypothetical scent, to have some fun with fans in the social media space. Nearly 2,000 people engaged with the post, either by opening the picture, clicking "like," sharing it on their own pages, or posting a comment. The agency saw an opportunity. They called an aromachologist. Pizza Hut perfume was born.

Thereafter, they promised bottles to the first 100 direct messages on Facebook requesting the new scent. Based on the number of replies, there are at least 1000 people out there that think this is a good idea (or who are really into gag gifts). Let's just hope they aren't using this limited edition perfume to woo because they are likely to be met with an ewww.

Personally, I'm dying to know what this smells like.

[Via:, and The Huffington Post]