Gummy Pizza by e.frutti


I love pizza, and I have a soft spot for gummy candy, so what could be bad about gummy pizza?

Turns out, we've actually covered the stuff before, way back in 2007, at which time we proclaimed that it tasted like... ass.

Personally, I'd call the flavor profile 90% indeterminate fruitiness and 10% plastic. For me, that rates at least a little bit better than ass, but as I said, I have a soft spot for gummy candies.


However, I found myself far more interested in the pizza toppings they'd chosen to represent on this gummy pie. The mushrooms and green pepper are pretty clear, and it only took me a moment to realize that the white, molar-y looking things are actually whole cloves of garlic. I spent longer puzzling over the bean-shaped clump of purple before deciding that it's an eggplant, though I'm not confident about that. And I simply have no idea about the glob of red that's sinking into the sauce. Any guesses?

Want your own gummy pizza? Check out the e.frutti website, where you can also get gummy hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried eggs.