My Pie Monday: BBQ Brisket, Pizza Pringles, Kobe Beef Bacon, and More!

My Pie Monday

Glimpse pizzas made by fellow Slice'rs.

Kick off your week right with some glorious My Pie Monday inspiration. We've got quite the hunger-inducing line-up today, with a whopping 18 pizzas fresh from the oven.

This week, we welcome newcomer Manda, who kicks things off with some serious Super Bowl love, giving Kenji's Foolproof Pan Pizza a whirl along with BGEPizza. Let's also give it up for Burger365, who makes a Brussels sprouts- and pancetta-topped comeback after 4 painful months sans oven, and TXCraig1, who brings his bake time down to 45 seconds!

Adam Kuban and Norma427 pop in with Detroit-style pies, while Adam's pizza monkey bread gets a nod (and some stuffing!) from Imwalkin. Okaru, Florida9, and millions get things cookin' on steel, with mouthwatering results. Also on the roster are SHole, who puts his leftovers to good use in an empty-the-fridge pie, and jamesws, who keeps things simple with Kenji's Crispy Bar Pizza. Meanwhile, B7gourmand goes for a colorful array of broccoli, crushed tomatoes, and caramelized onions, while kenposurf's toppings of pineapple and vegetables accidentally wind up hidden beneath his cheese. More exciting topping combinations emerge all around: Champagne cream and clams from JEL; pizza-flavored Pringles grace kakugori's latest pie; Amusbouche1 goes all out with BBQ brisket; and last, but not least, some Kentucky rye-dosed dough, topped with Kobe beef bacon, cremini mushrooms, and mozz from Jimmyg.

So yeah. I think it's pretty reasonable to say that these folks mean business. And that business is zomygodpizza!

Click through the slideshow to view the full array in all its pizzalicious glory. And if you're crafting your own pizza this week, please do send us a shot for next week's My Pie Monday! Just take one horizontal snapshot of your homemade pizza (at least 610px by 458px, please!), briefly describe your cooking method, and follow these instructions to get it to Slice HQ by 8pm EST on Thursday night. Be sure to let us know your Slice/Serious Eats screen name!

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