Super Bowl Sunday: Pizza HUT HUT HUT


[Photo: Pizza Hut]

I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that pizza tends to do pretty well on Super Bowl Sunday. And nobody seems to capitalize on the patronage of pizza-crazed football fans quite like Pizza Hut. HuffPo reports that the chain expects sales of roughly 2 million pies this coming Sunday. And sure enough, the hut's been taking orders for the big game since earlier this week, replete with a relaunch of their limited edition Big Dinner Box (featured above, in all its carbalicious glory).

To "top" things off (har har), Pizza Hut has also announced a mystery product—these guys give what limited scoop there is to be had—that's due to be revealed in the form of a nationwide give-away at the sound of Sunday's first...hut. To smear some icing all over this savory cake and then drive it all the way home, this year's fan-generated Super Bowl commercial, released on Tuesday, gives the overlapping nomenclature a bit of a nod (that is, if nodding involved banging your head against a wall over and over and over again). Check it out:

Pizza Hut 2013 Big Game Commercial - HUT HUT HUT