Romantic Pizza Recipes for Valentine's Day

I <3 Pizza

If pizza isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you envision the perfect Valentine's Day date, let me lend you a hand.

Close your eyes (not yet, stupid!) and envision the following scenario: Your dining room table/milk crate basks elegantly in the glow of candlelight. Your man/lady/partner sits uneasily, looking about quizzically (Where's the food? I don't see any food. WHERE'S MY GODDAMN FILET MIGNON?). The oven dings. You stand, haughtily, and bring forth your handcrafted heart-shaped pizza, covered in a colorful shower of heart-shaped toppings. Sure, it's a little silly. But it's also the only way they will ever know you love them. Ever.

So let's get started, folks:

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Happy almost-Valentine's Day, Slice'rs!