Brooklyn: Franny's is Moving, Leaving a New Restaurant in its Wake

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Franny's, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Prosciutto Cotto at Franny's [Photograph: Carey Jones]

We've been writing about Franny's since the Park Slope pizzeria first opened its doors back in 2004. In the years since, the pie shop has grown into a Brooklyn institution, making its way into round-ups of our favorite NYC clam pizzas, the city's very best places to eat pizza outdoors, and even our 2008 short-list of seven must-eat New York pies.

So suffice it to say that we'll be eagerly tracking this latest turn of events, as owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg simultaneously relocate Franny's and open a new restaurant in its place. The duo, also responsible for Bklyn Larder, has dubbed their latest endeavor Marco's. They plan to begin renovations immediately, with Franny's current executive chef, Danny Amend, behind the new, pizza-free, Italian menu.

Meanwhile, the Franny's redux is due to open on April 8, just a few blocks away from its original location. In addition to nearly twice the amount of seating, the space will introduce "The Cellar," a private dining space (presumably in...the cellar) with a special tweaked menu from the new executive chef, John Adler. Loyal customers who want to grab one last pie before Franny's heads on out can swing by 295 Flatbush anytime before Monday, March 25.


348 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238 (map); 718-230-0221